THERE was a bit of a house party in Clackmannan Town Hall recently, with dozens coming out for a community disco.

Some travelled from Glasgow for the evening, with the Clackmannan Town Hall Trust throwing another successful bash.

With live music from Nae Danger, the evening all went according to plan with organisers delighted with the turnout.

The ticket price was set to cover the cost of the band and any profits raised are turned back into the town hall itself.

And such is the success of their events, another party is likely to be arranged for the autumn.

John Campbell, of the Clackmannan Town Hall Trust, said: "The night went absolutely great – it was like a big party atmosphere and everyone had a ball.

"That's the second time Nae Danger have come along to the hall and have already said they'd be happy to come back.

"They were excellent and even picked one wee laddie out of the crowd to play bass guitar with them for one of songs."

John and his wife Irene have been arranging events at the town hall for the last few years in an effort to bring more people in the community together for fun nights out.

He added: "There's not too much for middle-aged folk to do in the evenings, not unless you're a pub-goer.

"So we thought we'd try arranging something that is nearby, and relatively cheap for people to go to.

"It's all about getting people out their houses on Saturday nights into a safe environment where they don't need to worry about anything.

"We do two events a year now and they are always well-attended. We had two tables from Stirling and a group travelled through from Glasgow and stayed in Kincardine just for the night.

"They don't have to worry about getting a babysitter because kids are more than welcome.

"Really, it's just a big party in the house – that's how it is for everyone."