CLACKMANNAN'S war memorial has been damaged by mindless vandals, causing upset around the town.

Unknown perpetrators chipped off some of the stonework at the monument, which stands in the middle of the open ground on the corner of Kirk Wynd and Kersegreen Road.

It was erected to remember the local war heroes who gave their lives to defend their country and way of life with the names of the brave soldiers inscribed on stone panels.

The damage was spotted by Clackmannan man Sandy Madden, 71, early last week when he took a seat to take a rest from his regular walk with his dog.

He told the Advertiser he was “quite shocked” when he discovered what had happened, adding: “What these poor men went through just to make a better world for us and they are just destroying it.

“My father was born in Clackmannan so he knew most of the names on the war memorial from the Second World War.”

Sandy believes the brick tiles, which cover the ground and some of which have clearly been removed, were used to carry out the act of vandalism.

He is calling on the council to fix the damage urgently as he fears the person or persons who targeted the memorial may return for more.

Indeed, he said the vandalism was carried out over two days around Tuesday, May 30.

It is understood the damage caused upset for a number of families in the town, some of whom have personal connections to the soldiers commemorated on the panels.

The Advertiser further understands the matter has now been reported to the police.

Clackmannanshire Council, which maintains the memorial, said it is aware of the vandalism and that its property staff are now looking into what repairs will be required.