PUPILS at Clackmannan Primary School celebrated their anti-bullying week with a special fun day recently.

The youngsters have been working hard to learn about the many forms that bullying can take within schools and among friends and peer groups.

They have been looking at fostering positive play with one another and how to maintain their own self-esteem.

In addition, the students have held workshops and even had a visit from the police to discuss how to deal with name-calling and being singled-out.

So to mark their efforts, the school brought in a bouncy castle last Friday to let the kids illustrate just how they are "bouncing back from bullying".

And to top it all off, the children also held a sharing assembly on Monday morning, to let families come and hear about all the activities the children have been participating in.

Teacher Beverley Donald said: "The idea here is that we are bouncing back from bullying and saying that, as a school, this is how we will deal with it.

"It teaches children about what to do if they find themselves or others in such an unfortunate situation like that.

"We've also been highlighting the different kinds of bullying with a particular focus on cyber bullying.

"All PE classes recently have had a bullying theme, with children doing things like throwing bad words away.

"It's been a very successful week and the kids have really taken the lessons on board."