A GROUP of Wee County gardeners will be putting their green fingers to use by starting a community garden.

The patch of land behind Clackmannan Town Hall has been left unused for 12 years but volunteers are now coming together to breathe new life into its roots.

Liz Sinclair, a trustee of Clackmannan Development Trust, said the project is still in in its infancy as the space is cleared of weeds, but they are excited about what could come of it.

She said: "We have thought for years what to do with it but never came up with a good plan. Now a guy is going to clear it for us.

"Once that's done, we are hoping to get a group together and hopefully get more local people in the community involved to keep it going and look after it."

The trust has applied for funding and has also asked the Wee County Men's Shed to help build some raised beds, which will allow easier access for wheelchair users and children.

"It's not a big patch of land. It's really hidden and you can't see it from anywhere," said Ms Sinclair.

"We are hoping it will be quite enclosed and we hope it will be something the community enjoys."

The CDT is holding a meeting on Friday, June 30, to bring people together to have a look at the space.

Ms Sinclair added: "We have just started to put out feelers for it, apart from two or three people who have been involved in it already.

"I'm really pleased about it. As well as being a trustee for the development trust, I have been involved with the [Clackmannan] Town Hall Trust since it started 12 years ago.

"All that time we thought what to do with it, so I'm really pleased that, at last, something will come of it – especially because it will be used for something that people and children in the community will enjoy."