THERE is no need for road markings on either Port Street or Lochies Road in Clackmannan, according to the council, despite growing public safety worries.

The town's community council has admitted the lack of clarity on the roads in question is causing concerns to local people.

However, Clackmannanshire Council has said the new design of these streets mean that give way markings or similar instructions are "not required."

A spokesperson said: "These are 20mph residential streets outside a school where drivers must be paying full attention to their own driving and the actions of those around them."

But Carol Smith, the chair of the community council, admitted that near misses are becoming more common on the roads as road users drive "considerably faster" than the 20mph speed limit.

And she told the Advertiser: "Whilst it may be the modern approach not to have give way or other road signs, if it is not clear to road users then that increases the risk of accidents.

"The Lochies Road junction's proximity to both the school and a park also pose an increased risk."

Councillor Bill Mason said the ongoing adjustments to the roads are part of a process of modernising the area's infrastructure for everyone.

He said: "I understand that the roadwork modifications adjacent to Clackmannan Primary School are designed to incorporate updated street standards, including wider pavements for pedestrians, and the new junction at Port Street where drivers will share the area with other road users."

He also revealed he would be keeping a close eye on developments, when he added: "It is important to note that Clackmannanshire Traffic Management and Road Safety Dept are monitoring the situation to ensure that the arrangements work safely and efficiently, and I will be seeking updates on this."

Meanwhile, Clackmannan Community Council are in the process of arranging a public meeting, where they hope the issue will be addressed.