PUPILS at Dollar Academy raised more than enough money to feed as many children as there are in the Junior School.

Children were raising funds for Mary's Meals ahead of this year's Harvest Assembly to help the charity deliver a daily meal for kids in poor communities across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thanks to the efforts of 167 local pupils, around 230 children will receive a daily meal for an entire year after the amazing sum of £2,811.30 was raised for the charity.

Miss Horne, assistant head of the Junior School, said: “The excitement in the Captain's Room became evident as the children all poured their pots of money into containers.

“There was certainly a happy buzz as the money piled up. It was then back to the classrooms to count all the coins.

“The Junior Twos did an amazing job of counting, bagging and checking the money before the final amount was announced.”

During the special Harvest Assembly, a small JII orchestra played the hymns, pupils spoke enthusiastically about their favourite food and charity representative Joe Black explained what the money would mean to the children in need.

One pupil, Lily, said: “Our Mary’s Meals Challenge was really enjoyable and it was a lovely experience to know that we were helping children less fortunate than ourselves.”

Joe Black added: “That amount, £2,811.30, is a huge figure and the children should be feeling very proud of themselves. It is enough to provide 230 children with a daily meal in school for an entire year.”