MUCH-NEEDED renovations took place at Dollar Scout Hall, due to some generous support.

The 2nd Dollar Scouts are expressing gratitude to the town’s Co-op, and its customers, for making the improvement of the entrance lobby possible through a grant.

Under the scheme, the shop donates a proportion of the money spent on bags and own-branded products.

The funding allowed the Scouts to create a more welcoming entrance area with useful fitted benches and hooks. The Honour Board was also moved into the same space to better display achievements and awards.

Repairs to older cupboards used for storing new tables were also undertaken.

Les Barker, chairman of the Scouts in Dollar, said: “The 2nd Dollar Scouts are very grateful to the community for their support through the Co-op scheme.

“The grant awarded to the Scout group has enabled us to transform the entrance lobby in our Scout Hall.

“This is an important part of our ongoing programme of upgrading to make the facility better for our children and also the increasingly large numbers of adults who use the hall.”