A HANDFUL of Lornshill Academy teachers were among the many thousands who took part in the Stirling Scottish Marathon last month.

Morag Rattray, Kirsty McKay and Amy Walls all spoke about the fantastic support they received when they were pounding the tarmac.

The trio were joined on the day by Ellison MacKinnon and Paul Sludden – also from the school.

Despite the brutal training, Amy says he has now caught the "marathon bug" and will be returning for same race next year.

She said: "The main reason I decided to run the Stirling marathon was for a bet with my big brother who claimed I would never mange to complete a full marathon.

"Being very competitive and stubborn I went all out to prove him wrong."

She added: "The race itself was amazing; there was such a buzz from every runner, and the support from the public was great.

"So many people out on the street cheering you on which really kept me going."

After completing what was her 21st marathon or ultra-marathon, Kirsty said: "As it was a local race the idea of not running it didn't even go through my mind. Taking part in Stirling's first marathon was a definite must.

"The atmosphere on the course was brilliant with lots of local support. A number of colleagues were out on the route to provide us with support: Words of encouragement and sweeties.

"Support really makes a difference to a runner and helps get you to the end. I enjoyed every minute especially as I helped a good friend complete her first marathon.

"Well done to all my school friends and Wee County Harrier friends who participated in it and gave me support in training for weeks before the race.

Morag ran the race for a cause close to her heart and managed to raise nearly £1000.

She said: "I decided to do it as I had done a couple of half marathons and thought I would give a marathon a go since it was in my home town.

"Unfortunately, I was struggling with an injury in the last couple of weeks before the race, but did it anyway and am still in quite a lot of pain.

"I chose to run for Bowel Cancer UK, as bowel cancer has affected members of my family, and have raised almost £1000.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the day despite the pain and cannot thank coach Kirsty McKay enough for helping me train and keeping me company at a much slower pace then her usual. Support from the public was amazing."

To donate to Morag's fund, visit justgiving.com/fundraising/Morag-Rattray17