A RETIRED sergeant major from Clackmannanshire will be entering the Great Scottish Run to raise money for a charity which supports British soldiers and veterans.

Dave Brown, from Sauchie, is planning on running the half-marathon in boots whilst carrying 15kg on his back.

The 47-year-old, who joined the army in 1989, said: “It was only after boxing for two years that I decided to attend an army physical training instructor’s course.

“I worked in the regimental gymnasium for seven years, training and developing soldiers in all areas of physical training.”

Dave finished his army career in 2013 after 24 years of service as a warrant officer: Class 2 (WO2) Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM).

He served in the Gulf War during his service as well in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kenya.

Although he has retired from the armed services Dave continues to challenge himself physically.

He said: “Since leaving the forces, I’ve stayed on top of my fitness by mostly running whilst carrying weight. “I’ve kept fit enough to enter ultra-marathons and various other events for charity.”

Dave is participating in the Great Scottish Run halfmarathon which takes place in Glasgow on Sunday, October 1.

There is also the opportunity for entrants to run the shorter distance of 10k, or to enter the Super Saturday family events on the day before.

The Great Scottish Run is just one event of five which Dave is entering to fundraise for the Army Benevolent Fund as a result of his time serving in the British Army.

He said: “I chose the Army Benevolent Fund as they are sometimes forgotten amidst larger charities, which are often in the limelight.

“They are a great charity who support soldiers, veterans and their immediate families.”

He decided to set himself a challenge for this year, to run five half-marathons in boots carrying the additional 15kg weight.

He added: “The Army Benevolent Fund have been so supportive throughout my challenge and regularly ask me for updates on my training and results.

“I’ve always enjoyed running with weight as it’s challenging and great training. It gives me an excellent sense of achievement.”

Dave has completed three of the five half-marathons so far and he will finish his challenge with the Great Scottish Run.

Anyone wishing to sponsor Dave can visit his fundraising page.

Entries for the Great Scottish Run are now open online.