ANIMAL rescue officers are fighting to save the life of a hedgehog suffering from "balloon syndrome". 

Zepplin is being cared for by the staff at the National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross but is yet to recover from the condition which has left his body swollen. 

The animal resembled a beach ball when spotted by a member of the public on Sunday, July 23, in Shotts and it is believed he was clipped by a car, leading to a lung puncture and air becoming trapped under the skin.

And due to the vet having to make incisions to release the air, he keeps re-inflating when the skin is sealed over. 

However the Scottish SPCA remains optimistic the hedgehog will make it back to full health so he can be returned to the wild. 

Wildlife centre manager Colin Seddon said: "Zeppelin is still receiving treatment for balloon syndrome. We are hopeful he will make a full recovery in our care and that we will be able to release him back into the wild soon."