A MUSCOVY duck “is lucky to be alive” after it got stuck in machinery and covered in oil at a factory.

And after being rescued, she is looking for a new home.

The little duck, who was named Waddle by staff at the National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross, was saved from her predicament in Motherwell by animal rescue officers.

Colin Seddon, manager at the Fishcross centre, said: “Waddle is lucky to be alive.

“Thankfully all machinery at the factory was off for maintenance otherwise she might not have survived.

“We have a purpose built oil removal section at our wildlife centre where we were able to successfully remove all contaminants from her feathers.

“Washing contaminated birds is a skilled and time consuming job and we have the facilities to clean up to four birds at a time.

“On average it will take about 30 minutes per wash but depending on the species it can take anything from ten minutes to four hours.

“Waddle received her first wash when she initially arrived at the centre which removed most of the oil, but she required a further wash to remove the remaining oil which took place on Monday (August 7).”

Colin is now looking to rehouse the animal to a loving home as she has fully recovered and is waterproof.

Those interested should contact the Lanarkshire centre on 03000 999 999 – the same number can be used to alert the charity to an injured or distressed wild animal.