A COMMUNITY production is giving everyone the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage.

The 'Sauchie Community Nativity' is looking for angles, shepherds and more – no acting experience is necessary and there will not be a need to remember long lines, all people should bring is enthusiasm and commitment.

Bonnie McDowell, who is writing the script, said: “With a focus on low cost but maximum creativity, the production will be completely developed and produced by volunteer input for cast, music and costumes.

“If you want to be involved, but not quite ‘centre stage’, we also need creative people behind the scenes and on the side lines, who can sew, play music and read the narration of the nativity.

“We aim to make all costumes from re-used and recycled materials, so please start searching- do you have an old curtain which would look good as a robe for a wise person or other household materials for shepherds, angels, sheep etc.?

“Get your thinking caps on to nominate someone from your community, community group, neighbourhood or workplace, or nominate yourself.”

The first meeting of the production will take place next Tuesday, September 19, at Sauchie Hall between 7pm and 7.45pm.

Plans are to put the show on stage on Saturday, November 25, exactly on month to Christmas day.

Rehearsal and creative days and times will be flexible to suit people's schedules, these will be explored and arranged at next week's meeting.