THE LOSS of a loved-one is a harrowing experience, but one Sauchie family is determined for something positive to come of their own tragic ordeal.

Jade Baillie, a mother, daughter, sister and friend, passed away in November of 2016 after fighting bravely against a deteriorating liver condition.

A year on, 10-year-old daughter Ellie was joined by her dad Dean and step mum Charlene Taylor to raise more than £2,000 for the intensive care unit at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary – where Jade was cared for during the final stage of her life.

Charlene told the Advertiser: "She started to get ill in the summer [of 2016]. She was in and out of hospital. She spent most of the summer in the hospital but then she got admitted again in November and didn't come back out."

The family are eager to give Ellie a more positive experience in relation to the hospital following a traumatic loss.

"She's [Ellie] been positive given the circumstances," Charlene continued. "She's happy on a day-to-day basis. We've just been giving her focuses, so the fundraiser was her focus.

"She was over the moon. We thought if we got a thousand, that would be nice. She sees it as something that she's doing for her mum – her mum was always helping people."

The event was held at the Oakwood Lounge, with a disco on during the day for children and a party in the evening for adults.

The sponsored leg wax was a talking point, with Dean taking one for the team and facing the strips.

Charlene said: "I think he thought it was sore, but we thought it was funny. It was just a party, really; it was really good.

"The full community pulled together and everybody has shown great support. She won't be forgotten, even though she isn't here.

"Thanks to all Jade's besties, Ellie's auntie Linda, Jade's sister Leanne and her mum Helen. They have been there to support Ellie.

"Thank you also to Lesley and Fiona at the Oakwood. They took a lot of stress off me at the night time event and it was greatly appreciated."