A TEENAGER has narrowly avoided jail for leaving his home armed with a knife shortly after throwing pots in an argument with his family.

Jordan McCulloch, whose address was given as Main Street, Sauchie, appeared at Alloa Sheriff Court last Thursday after pleading guilty to one of two charges against him.

The court heard that on July 13, at around 10pm, the 18-year-old was at home with his mum and sister when an argument began among them.

The depute fiscal continued: "He [McCulloch] became aggressive, throwing things and trying to pull a door from its hinges.

"He then took a large knife from the kitchen and left the house. Police were called and found the knife. The accused made no reply."

There was a second charge against McCulloch dropped when he pleaded guilty to his charge.

It accused him of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner which caused reasonable fear or alarm. He shouted, swore and threw a pot across a room, punched doors and walls, attempted to pull a door from its hinges and took possession of a knife and left that locus.

The youngster's lawyer, Ms Jackson, told the court that her "immature" client was keen to help police when they found him.

She said: "When traced, he had no knife but had cuts to his arms. He told police he would tell them where the knife was so that nobody else could come to harm because of the weapon.

"He is quite an immature young man who would benefit from some supervision.

"His family have pretty much fully reconciled."

The presiding sheriff told McCulloch: "Possession of a knife is a serious offence, even if your circumstances are quite unusual."

He was ordered to be supervised for a period of 12 months and was told that his community payback order was a "direct alternative to custody".