IT WAS an all family affair when two Sauchie judokas faced off against each other in the finals of The Scottish Senior Open 2018.

Judo brothers Cailin, 20, and Reece, 24, Calder – who regularly train together but normally enter competitions in different weight categories – brought gold and silver medals back to the Wee County respectively after the event on Saturday, January 20.

The duo faced fierce competition from opponents who arrived to the Emirates Arena in Glasgow from all over Scotland and even abroad, but both made it to the final stage, only to decide how the family splits the top spots on the podium.

Under the watchful eyes of coach and dad Lee, the two brothers have been practicing the art of judo since they were as little as three and four.

It runs in their veins – their parents met through the sport and much of their life is dedicated to it as they train and coach at Judo Club Esprit in Alloa.

Lee said: “I'm very proud of them, especially being their coach as well as their father, it was fantastic.”

Competitors came not just from Scotland, but France, Germany and further afield, with Lee adding: “It was quite a hard tournament in some of the categories and there were quite a few fights.”

The two local lads collected their medals in the under 100kg category, but Reece usually enters the under 90kgs.

However, with a string of other competitions coming up within a few weeks of each other, it would be simpler if he did not have to make his weight for this one.

Despite the fact that they have been competing since the age of eight, it was the very first time the two brothers met in such a setting.

And having trained together so many times over the last more than a decade, it was a true battle of the minds as they know each other's tactics all too well.

“It was pretty nerve-wrecking”, said older brother Reece, telling Advertiser Sport: “I didn't mind losing because it is good to see that he is progressing and he is becoming, potentially, a better judo player than I am.

“Although I lost, it was a decent loss.”

Cailin also had the nerves, but said: “When you get into the fight you forget all that.

“It was the hardest fight of the day.”

Lee, who has years of experience both on and off the mat, explained: “It's hard enough fighting a club mate, let alone fighting a family member as well when they train together quite regularly.”

They now have aspirations to make it to the Commonwealth Games in 2022, to be held in Birmingham, as well as the Olympics.

Then there is also the European Championships to look forward to this year, alongside a range of other competitions.

Last year, Cailin already won the British Championship after he was number one at junior level and is just moving into seniors.

Reece's biggest success to date is a bronze from the European Open at Belgrade in 2017.

Judo Club Esprit train at their Ippon Sports Dojo on Alloa's Ward Street – anyone interested in getting coached by the local champions can call Lee on 07789 641 231.