A SHOP assistant was arrested after police overheard her complaining loudly she had to do two jobs to pay for hand-outs to "coloured people".

Gemma McDonald, 20, who works at a shop in Tillicoultry as well as Home Bargains, was overheard by police after she left a nightclub at 12.35am.

There were no ethnic minorities present at the time the offence was committed, in a small courtyard near Stirling City Centre.

Fiscal depute Lindsey Brooks told Stirling Sheriff Court last Tuesday: "The accused was seen with a group of friends and speaking very loudly.

"She was saying: 'I work two jobs to pay these black b******s'."

The prosecutor also said McDonald used the phrase "Paki b******s" during her tirade.

Mrs Brooks added said McDonald was not addressing her remarks to any individual and said: "There were no persons of that background in the area."

However, police, who were on duty outside the nightclub Dusk, in Dalgleish Court, arrested McDonald and took her by car to Falkirk Police Station.

During the 12-mile journey, she told cops: "I'm sick of Pakis coming over here. Coloured people get everything for free.

"It should go to us. This country is for whites."

McDonald, a first offender, of Stoneyacre, Tillicoultry, pleaded guilty to using racially-aggravated abusive behaviour.

The incident happened on July 1, 2017.

Stuart Buckley, defending, said McDonald did indeed hold down two jobs – one at Home Bargains and the other at a convenience store in Tillicoultry.

He said: "She had been out with friends and then at the nightclub. It would be fair to say she had consumed a large quantity of alcohol.

"It's not the way she normally behaves on a night out, and these are not views she holds.

"She is horrified and ashamed by her behaviour."

Sheriff Wyllie Robertson fined McDonald £600 and warned her: "If you offend again, far more serious disposals, including custody, may be considered."