A WEE COUNTY business owner is encouraging other bosses to forge links with charities and give something back to the community.

There are a range of advantages to being generous according to property developer Ewan Campbell, owner of Inglewood House Hotel and Spa in Alloa.

He has been supporting locally-based Scottish Autism and the specialist New Struan School for more than a year now, donating close to £3,000 so far.

Along with Ceteris Ltd, Ewan organised and hosted the 2016 Clackmannanshire Business Week lunch with proceeds going to the charity's school.

The 60-year-old, who asked family and friends not to buy him any birthday presents this year but make a donation to Scottish Autism instead, told the Advertiser a partnership with a charity is an excellent way to raise a company's profile.

He said: “It genuinely makes people think that you are a good business because you are giving something back.

“For us, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We're giving a bit of our time, we are giving a small amount of money and we get a lot back in terms of wellbeing, we get a lot of advertising through it, we get a lot of marketing through it.”

Getting close to a good cause can also help generate customers simply by putting the hotel's name out there.

“Even the staff get a lot back”, Ewan added. “They know our nominated charity is Scottish Autism, so everybody gets involved.

“It's just nice to be nice. I think 'work hard, play hard and give something back' is a great motto.

“It's the public that's putting the money in the till, so to give something back to the community is quite a good thing.”

Working together to help a good cause can also build a sense of togetherness and forge bonds within the workforce.

Ewan, who was born to a Coalsnaughton family and lived in the Wee County most of his life, concluded: “And it just improves the community spirit; because Clackmannanshire is so small, community spirit counts for quite a lot.”

Inglewood is sponsoring this year's Scottish Autism Christmas Raffle. Prizes include a night for two in a luxury woodland pod as well as an afternoon tea.

Tickets for the raffle will be available from October 16 – and are available at scottishautism.org/raffle

Karen Wilson, fundraising manager at Scottish Autism, explained the charity could not be able to meet running costs without people donating their time and money.

She said: “The support and funding that Ewan and his staff give to Scottish Autism is incredibly important – without his generosity of time and fundraising efforts, and that of other local businesses, Scottish Autism would be unable to function in the way it does.

“We aim to reach and support as many people affected by autism in Scotland, helping them to lead full and enriched lives.

“We are a charity, and our services rely on people and businesses like Ewan's to whom we are eternally grateful."