HUNDREDS of Wee County residents have blasted Clackmannanshire Council over a lack of salt and grit on the roads and pavements.

Scores of people have reported falls, injuries and even car crashes which they claim are the result of inaction to treat the icy conditions.

Sub-zero temperatures have meant that some roads, pavements and paths are treacherous and Clacks residents seem to have had enough.

More than 250 readers have taken to social media to tell the Advertiser about their tales of woe regarding the conditions.

Shell Hill said: “School terrace in Coalsnaughton is a joke. Cars and people struggling to get up the hill. A few cars have almost ended up down the footpath in the field at the bottom. The grit bins are half way up the hill so when it’s that icy you can’t get up the hill to get to it.”

Melissa Shields’ main gripe wasn’t so much that the gritters weren’t out, but more so that the grit buckets are lying empty when residents could be using them.

She said: “There are hardly any grit buckets in Tullibody and the ones that are there are empty. I haven't seen any gritters on the roads, I called council but nothing has been done yet.

“I wonder what we actually pay council tax for. Even the bucket men were sliding about emptying buckets yesterday. Absolute joke. Clackmannanshire council need to get their backsides in gear.”

Two women even claimed that the ice was the reason for accidents on the road.

“I crashed my car into the kerb driving into my street, pure ice. Someone drove up after me and knocked the lamp post down and most likely damaged her car. It’s shocking,” said Lynne Mekshi.

Kara Reid said: “Roads are so bad I crashed my car. So glad I pay £170 in council tax a month.”

Although the ice can be unbearable for everyone, those with disabilities and the elderly suffer the most, with some not being able to leave their homes whatsoever.

One woman, Lizzie Jackson, said her neighbourhood, which is specifically for disabled people, has been left untouched completely.

She said: “I live in Holton Square in Sauchie which is a street for people with disabilities. We have a grit bucket in the street but there is no one that is really able enough to put the grit down.

“We have recently had new neighbours move in who put herself at risk and put grit down on parts of the path.

“We had same problem seven years ago when we had the bad weather. We were all stranded as we didn’t get a snow plough or gritters in the street and when we contacted the council we were told that the council didn’t know our street was full of disabled people.

“I think the whole of Clackmannanshire can tell you of dangerous icy pavements and of people who have had falls.”

Some people saw the funny side, however.

Andrena Johnstone said: “It's like Dancing On Ice trying to walk the dog. I must say the dogs got some moves.”

Steven Bell commented: “I took the dog a walk last night. Jane Torvill pulled up alongside me in her car and asked if I fancied being her new dance partner.”

The council responded by saying: "Environment spokesperson Councillor Craig Holden, said: "The Council was prepared for this cold weather, which was forecast.

“Our fleet of gritters has been operating long hours over the past week, starting at 5am. These are the worst weather conditions experienced since 2011 and some of our busiest roads have been gritted three times a day in order to try to keep traffic moving.

“All available resources are continuing to work to treat roads and pavements following the priority winter maintenance plan with staff from a range of services are assisting with our efforts. The Community Payback Team has also been helping out.

"We have already spread over 500 tonnes of rock salt on our roads and paths this winter and thanks to our preparations we have adequate levels of salt still in stock if this weather continues.

“The Council provides 338 grit bins at key locations across Clackmannanshire and information about their locations is available on our website. If you spot an empty bin please let us know and we’ll refill it.

“All our schools have been given an additional grit bin this year and all are equipped with a grit spreader to ensure better coverage with janitors ensuring there is a path from the main road to the school cleared before 8.30am.

“I would like to thank staff for all their efforts and the wider community for playing their part."

Members of the public who questioned the local authority on Facebook earlier this week were told: "The weather conditions are the worst experienced for a number of years, and all available resources are continuing to work to treat roads and pavements following the priority winter maintenance plan, which you can see on our website."

To view the council's plan, visit

Alternatively, residents can report issues, by emailing or by calling 01259 450000.