THE mystery owner of an unkempt property in Tillicoultry will be on the receiving end of a bespoke council cut, after failing to comply with a High Hedge Notice.

Dubbed an eyesore on the doorstep of the area's biggest visitor draw, the overgrowth on outside of the Moss Road house is to be cleared following community intervention.

The property currently lies empty and no one in the town seems to know for sure who it actually belongs to.

Efforts had been made to engage with the owner, but to no avail.

The High Hedge Notice served on the property has now expired with no compliance forthcoming within the time limit.

However, before the council can take '"direct action", officials are required to try and inform the mystery owner of their intentions.

Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council worked with the local authority to resolve the issue of the property, said to be in "very poor condition".

The house itself is almost completely obscured from view with the hedging in the way.

It is in close proximity to the popular Sterling Mills outlet and concerns were raised locally over the "poor impression" the house may provide to visitors.

Ewart McAuslane, secretary of the community council, said: "The house at 48 Moss Road has been empty for many years, is in very poor condition and almost completely obscured by the high hedge at the front of the house."

The organisation used new powers under the Community Empowerment Act to work together with the council to resolve issues.

Ewart added: "The owner of the house is not known and the community council asks anyone in the community who has any idea who the owner is and where he can be contacted [to get in touch]."

A spokeswoman for Clackmannanshire Council told the Advertiser: "The council has served a High Hedge Notice requiring the owner of 48 Moss Road, Tillicoultry, to reduce the height of a hedge located within the grounds of the property.

"The period for compliance with the terms of the High Hedge Notice has expired and the council is currently considering direct action to implement the requirements of the notice.

"Prior to undertaking direct action the council is required to inform the property owner of this intention.

"It is considered likely that the terms of the notice will be implemented by April."

Anyone who may have information regarding the owner of the property can email Ewart via