A WEE COUNTY diabetic mother's life was saved by her young daughter, for the third time since she was diagnosed over a decade ago.

Tullibody mum Hazel Neil, 35, passed out with dangerously low blood sugar levels on Saturday night into Sunday two weeks ago and “would not be here today” if she did not get saved by her wee hero Rebecca after going into a severe hypoglycemic fit.

Hazel, whose husband was away fishing on the night in question, told the Advertiser her daughter, who she called a “godsend”, got out of bed when a friend of hers was over at their home for a chat.

She added: “I said to Rebecca – she shouted 'mum' because she could hear us talking – if you want just go to my bed and I'll be up soon.

“I remember going to the door, seeing Maureen away, coming back in, making a pot of pasta.

“I put the pasta on the table, I remember having a couple of spoons and nothing after that.”

The next time the local mother of two opened her eyes she was in hospital, making a recovery in the care of staff.

Rebecca, who previously featured in the Advertiser in 2010 when she saved her mother for the first time after unlocking a touchscreen phone and calling for help at the age of just three, said she had shouted for her mother and it was when there was no answer she knew there was trouble.

The 10-year-old St Serf's pupil, who said the experience was scary, quickly investigated and found her mother unconscious downstairs.

Already knowing what to do, she phoned her dad Alex who got in touch with her aunt and uncle who live nearby – they rushed over and called an ambulance for help.

Rebecca's aunt Charlene was quick to react and tried to wake Hazel up after arriving – she said that when she checked, her eyes were just rolling around.

In the end, two ambulances had to attend with Charlene adding: “They [paramedics] had to put a drip in because her sugar was at 1.1 [mmol/L]. Basically they said that if she didn't get found when she did she would not be here today.

“That's got to be one of the worst ones – they had to call a second ambulance for help as well.”

A few weeks ago Hazel also suffered another episode when the levels of sugar in her blood went too high. She had hallucinations, but Rebecca was luckily there to get the help she needed.

The 35-year-old had been using an insulin pump for years to keep her sugar in check, she was recently advised to change her medication, but had a hard time controlling the condition.

Hazel proudly added: “She is like a godsend. That's been three times – the first one was when she was only three.”