THERE is nothing like the local crowd according to Wee County band Trimm – currently looking ahead to two gigs in the area this month.

The Britpop three-piece – made up of Jacob Franklyn on guitar and vocals, Scott Archibald on the bass and drummer Michael Wareing – often play in and around the Wee County, and recently supported Vida in Fishcross.

For the moment, the young trio are gradually working towards their next EP, but before hitting the studio they will be playing to their favourite followers again in Alloa and Tullibody.

On Saturday, August 12, they will be playing live at Peppe's Bar in Alloa from 9pm, with drummer Michael speaking of his preference for home county shows.

He told the Advertiser: “We always look forward to playing locally.

“They are usually the best kind of gigs because you know your pals are there and the people around here actually know the words to songs; whereas if you are going to Glasgow, it is probably their first time seeing you and sometimes they are just standing there so the local gigs are always quite nice.”

The weekend after, on Saturday August 19, Trimm will be appearing at the Abercromby Arms in Tullibody, starting at 9.30pm. They will be supported by the Kingfishers with free entry on both nights.

Michael revealed they are potentially hoping to trial a few new songs and give them a bash live.

He added: “They are nothing too different, it's till the same genre.

“One of them is a really good, fast paced, jump-about-let's-go-mental tune; and the other one is more like one of those tunes that you can, it sounds a bit weird, you can walk to – it's got a good pace."

He said the band has seen some great response online recently with many people adding their tracks to their Spotify playlists.

The drummer added: “Every gig we go to there seem to be a couple of extra people knowing the words to songs.

“We've had a good response, we're hoping to knock it out the park and do even better.”

While they don't have a specific date to work towards to, the trio will have a bit of time after the two local appearances to crack on with new songs.