A SAUCHIE man has been recognised for 40 years service to his church and the community in Tullibody.

Archie MacMillan has spent the last four decades as an elder at St Serf’s Parish Church putting other people first and working hard to ensure people are fulfilling their potential.

The 72-year-old, who was also church officer for a number of years, takes great pleasure in his duties because helping others is something he has always loved to do. 

“I’m a people person, although my wife would maybe disagree with that,” he joked.

“I like to see people getting the best of themselves in their lifestyle. 
“I enjoy proclaiming my Christian faith and serving people. It’s basically serving my congregation and church, and being there for them if there’s a need.”

During his career, Archie worked with people who have autism and, before that, was one of the last telegram boys in Alloa. 

He also captained Boy’s Brigade company 16th Stirling for 10 years and spoke of feeling his age when he watched former members start to make a life of their own after leaving the youth organisation.

“It was quite a few years,” Archie said. “When I see them growing up, getting married and having families, it makes me feel quite old.”

“...It’s basically serving my congregation and church, and being there for them if there’s a need.”

When he found out he would be awarded with a certificate for his efforts, rather than entertaining the notion of quitting, he saw it as a sign to push on with his work.

He added: “I was quite pleased. I had performed what I had wanted to do. It was an encouragement to say ‘keep going Archie’.”

Rev Drew Barrie has been the minister at the church for a year and during this relatively short time has already noticed the positive impact Archie has made. 

The reverend told the Advertiser: “He is a man with a very strong faith.
“He helped me to settle into this parish for which I am very grateful. He is a man of great integrity.

“Archie is always very keen to greet everyone and make them feel comfortable and at home. He is a very friendly and outgoing man.”