A WOMAN was left “angry and upset” after discovering a dog fouled on her parents' grave in Tullibody.

Helen Russell, a native of the town who now lives in nearby Bridge of Allan, discovered the excrement at Tullibody Cemetery last week.

The incident occurred despite the fact that signs on the gates clearly remind dog owners of their responsibilities and ask them to keep their pets on leads with the addition of “no fouling”.

Helen told the Advertiser: “I was angry and I was upset that that should happen because I'm in the cemetery like my brother and my husband every other day.

“We never pass without going in.

“I just think there must be other people who are in the same situation.

“I feel like we are not alone in this because it happens frequently.”

It is the second time in recent memory that the families of those buried in Tullibody have highlighted the issue of dog mess near graves.

Helen is now calling on local pet owners to take responsibility and is asking the general public to remind them if they see any such incidents.

She said: “It's not the fault of the dog, it's the fault of the dog owner.

“If you take on the ownership of a dog, you take on the full responsibility – and you don't see many [stray] dogs now roaming the streets.

“I think it's everybody's responsibility now. If they see a dog owner with their dog and not picking up after them – they should be fined heavily.”

She added: “All it takes is for somebody to say: 'Please pick up your dog poo, be responsible' – but, you see, a lot of people won't do that because they are frightened to get a bad reaction. I can understand that.”

Helen also reckons the government should consider bringing the national dog licensing system back, which was abolished in 1987.

Concerns have previously been raised over dogwalkers and vandals showing complete disregard for the cemetery and the families of those buried there.

A few months ago, the Advertiser highlighted the damage caused to some of the headstones.

One resident found the name plate of his late wife's grave had been removed and thrown in the woods nearby.

Dog fouling has been a frustration of visitors for a while now, and in November last year relatives hit out after finding mess in the cemetery.

At the time, Councillor Kathleen Martin said: "It is completely unacceptable and extremely disrespectful for dog owners to allow their pets to foul in cemeteries."

Dogs are allowed on the grounds, but only if they are under control and any mess cleaned and disposed of properly.