THE lollipop lady from Banchory Primary School has retired after an astounding 32 years of service.

Margaret Jackson last week hung up her high-vis and said her goodbyes to all the kids and staff at the school, after more than three decades of crossing different generations of children.

She spoke to the Advertiser to tell of her sadness and how much she will miss the position.

Margaret said: “I am very sad go to. But I am now an old aged pensioner and the time has come to go.

“I started in 1985 because my kids were at the school and it worked out perfectly to get their holidays, so that was the reason I first got into the position.”

Although retirement has come for Margaret, she says that there are no big plans for the future, other than to relax and enjoy her free time.

“I will just take it easy. I am heavily involved in the church and I take a walking group. But most of all I just want to enjoy myself now,” she said.

Naturally with her position, the biggest loss will be the kids whom she has got to know over the years.

She continued: “I really enjoy talking to the kids. They truly are a delight. I will miss them a lot.

“I would just like to thank everyone at the school. I have felt so appreciated. A big thanks to everyone.”

Alastair Freck, of the Banchory Primary Parent Council, said they wanted to give Margaret an appropriate send off.

He said: “We decided to give her the big send-off she deserved. We had a big collection which we gave her at a presentation at the church.

"We also gave her a bunch of flowers with a vase which had Banchory primary engraved on it.

“We also thought it would be special to get the local press involved on her last shift.

"The kids love her, she crosses the kids of people she used to cross years ago. She will be sorely missed.”

A new recruit will be in the post by January 8, the Advertiser understands.