A TULLIBODY couple who endangered and neglected children in their care have been given six months to be of good behaviour.

Hazel and Alexander Neil appeared for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court last week after pleading guilty to separate charges, some of which were amended.

Hazel Neil, represented by Robert Smith, pleaded guilty to an amended charge which stated on June 17, 2017, at Blackmuir Place, Tullibody, she wilfully neglected and exposed the children to danger which caused unnecessary suffering or injury to health.

The allegation was amended to remove reference to the duo consuming alcohol and/or drugs to the extent that they were unconscious and incapable of supervising the youngsters. It also removed a section which stated they failed to ensure their premises were safe.

The charge was also altered to insert a section which states that the 34-year-old failed to wear and use an insulin pump to maintain safe blood sugar levels and did thereby become unconscious.

Alexander Neil, who was represented by Toni Pentecost, pleaded guilty to two charges. The first of which stated that he neglected and exposed the children to danger by consuming alcohol and/or drugs to an extent which caused him to become unconscious.

The 43-year-old also failed to ensure that the premises were safe, thus exposing those youngsters to danger.

His other charge states that on June 17, 2017, while at the same location in Tullibody, he was in possession of cannabis.

A further charge of neglect and endangerment was dropped, as was a second charge of drug possession against the couple, of Blackmuir Place.

The pair were in charge of three youths, one aged four and other two aged 10.

Sheriff David Mackie deferred sentence on the pair for a period of six months for them to be of good behaviour while working with child services.