When I wrote this article last month I was thrilled to have just opened my Parliamentary office in Alloa.

The office is a parliamentary office, not a political one and so is open to any constituent or community group who needs help, regardless of their politics.

August has been a busy month as I have been holding my summer surgery tour around Ochil & South Perthshire, holding 35 surgeries in every corner of the constituency, bringing the total number of surgeries I have held to over 50 since being elected nine weeks ago.

It has been fantastic to meet so many people, hearing individual and community interests, issues and concerns. While Ochil and South Perthshire may be a large and dispersed constituency, there is togetherness in the way people rally together to help their neighbours and wider community.

There is also a feeling that many of the key challenges facing the county are shared.

Individuals, families and community groups from Alloa and the Hillfoots raise the same issues time and time again: crime, anti-social behaviour, investment and youth unemployment, as well as national issues such as the economy, Brexit and City Deals.

Although some issues sit with the local council and Holyrood, as your MP I am engaging with every constituent issue to work up solutions with councillors and MSPs so together we can deliver for Clackmannanshire.

In addition to the challenges and concerns raised in my surgeries, I was also struck by the energy and determination of Clackmannanshire Council staff and volunteers across the county working on community action plans, initiatives and supporting their local town or village.

This energy was on display again at the Clacks Business Awards, where I was fortunate to be a judge and present the ‘Not for Profit’ Award.

Not only was it an enjoyable night, with everyone dressed to the nines, but the event showcased Clacks talent and ambition, not just to other local businesses, but to potential investors.

Through meetings held over the summer, I invited to the awards two representatives from HSBC bank, who help administer their Small Business Fund (valued at £500m for Scotland).

Again, trying to raise the profile of Clacks with a major bank, so people elsewhere in the Scotland and the wider UK can see the potential in the county.

I am back in Westminster from September 4 and I am looking forward to progressing all of the issues you raised me with during my summer surgery tour to the very heart of government on your behalf.