Last week was Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, aimed at raising awareness of the causes and symptoms of the condition which is the most common cancer in women under 35.

This year, the theme was "Reduce Your Risk". Cervical cancer can be prevented, with 75 per cent of cervical cancers preventable by cervical screening (smear tests).

It is important that every woman knows how they can reduce their risk of the disease and the steps they can take to look after their health.

This includes attending cervical screening when invited, knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer and seeking medical advice if experiencing any, taking up the HPV vaccination if aged 11-18, talking to friends and family to ensure they know how they can reduce their risk and knowing where to find support and further information. More information can be found at

This week sees the second hearing of the Scottish budget at Holyrood. So far, Tory MSPs have made over 100 demands for increased public spending, despite demanding a £500million tax giveaway for high earners and big business.

The Tories' predictable opposition to progressive tax changes – which would see one in seven Scots paying the same or less tax – is an attempt to divert attention away from their obsession with tax cuts for the richest in society.

Time after time, Tory MSPs demand that the Scottish Government spend more and more money, despite the fact that their tax plans would cut half a billion from our budget, on top of a decade of Westminster austerity. It doesn't add up.

It's time for Tory MSPs like Alexander Stewart to be honest and set out exactly what he would cut to fund this handout to the well-off – and what it would mean for vital services like the NHS.

Scotland's thirteen hapless Tory MPs at Westminster have one again failed to look out for Scotland's interests this time through the proposed EU Trade Bill.

These proposals come hot on the heels of the humiliating failure on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill which saw Clackmannanshire MP Luke Graham and his colleagues vote through an attack on the powers of the Scottish Parliament after their Government failed to bring forward the amendments promised.

Just when you think the Scottish Tories' performance can't get any worse, they are now bringing forward a Trade Bill that ignores the principles of devolution even more.

The Trade Bill – which would place severe constraints on Holyrood's ability to act on all devolved matters, which is clearly not acceptable.

Once again, the SNP will work with other parties to challenge the UK Government's extreme Brexit plans – and the SNP will always stand up for Scottish businesses and people's livelihoods.

Scotland's Tory MPs have repeatedly acted against the interests of their constituents over recent weeks in allowing the impending disaster of Brexit to be used as a pretext to undermine Scotland's devolved parliament. It's high time they put their constituents' interests ahead of the Tory party's interests.