ALLOA FC are in line for a potential cash windfall after brokering a ground share deal with Clyde Football Club for the use of Recreation Park amidst fears that the new artificial surface at Broadwood Stadium may not be ready in time for the season.

Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney has said that while the deal is only a contingency plan in the event that Broadwood stadium is not ready in time, and at the moment plans are on schedule, the Wasps would be in line to receive a cash boost from the arrangement that would see the two clubs share Recreation Park.

Mike Mulraney told Advertiser Sport, "The rules state that if Broadwood isn't ready in time and they have to groundshare then it has to be for a section of maybe nine or 10 home games and cannot be for one or two games. So it would effectively be for half a season. Clyde needed assistance from somebody and we are happy to help them out. The deal would also be beneficial to Alloa because we would have a revenue stream available to us that we have not budgeted for. But there is a lot to do before that stage, it would take a lot of planning so that the two clubs aren't at home on the same weekend but that is made easier by the fact that we are not in the same league. But the SFL have plans in place to accommodate it. Logistically, with the new road networks it is pretty ideal as we are only 25 minutes from Broadwood but obviously Clyde are on Schedule at the moment to have their pitch ready. This is good news for Clyde to have a back up plan in action and it will be good news for us if it comes about because we would then get the revenue stream in place." The chairman is also looking forward to the renewal of the local rivalry with Stirling Albion after the two sides were drawn together in the Stirlingshire Cup in August.

Mulraney said, "It will be nice, we haven't played them at all for the past few years so it is a very interesting draw. We are happy it is at Alloa and it gives us a to see a couple of trialists but im sure the manager will want to field as strong a team as possible. Obviously neither side will want to let their local rivals get one over on them and it makes for an interesting game and one that we will very much be trying to win." The Wasps also announced that club captain Darren Young has signed on for another year with the Division Three champions and his chairman could not be happier.

Mulraney added, "We were always fairly confident that Darren would resign with us. We are really pleased to have him on board. He was an outstanding captain for us last season and we see no reason why he won't do the same again next year. Darren's track record speaks for itself and he is part of our blend of youth and experience. Obviously, we have signed two young players and we need to maintain some experience in the squad to help them along."