ALLOA boss Jim Goodwin reckons the controversial plan to allow Celtic and Rangers “Colt” teams to play in the SPFL should be given a chance.

A number of clubs have spoken out against the proposals for the Glasgow giants’ Under-20 sides to be included in League Two from next season, with Goodwin’s counterpart at Peterhead Jim McInally vocal in his criticism.

But the Wasps manager believes the plan could have long-term benefits for young Scottish players, as well as the national team.

Goodwin told Advertiser Sport: “I understand why those clubs want it to happen for the benefit of their kids. From a selfish point of view I think it will have an effect on clubs like ourselves in terms of being able to get these players on loan ever again, because they won’t need to loan them out now. I know it works in other countries and it doesn’t seem to have done those players any harm.

“I do think we need to try different things. One thing I don’t like is the academy structure, and I don’t think the development league has any benefits to the kids playing in it. That certainly needs restructured, and if that means colt teams coming into League Two then maybe that is an option.

“If it’s for the benefit of the national team and young Scottish players, let’s give it a go.”

The manager maintained his belief in the current system, which has seen his side bring in a number of loanees including Celtic pair PJ Crossan and Jamie McCart, and he reckons it could even be enhanced with the inclusion of a “loan draft”.

Goodwin added: “We have benefitted from the loan system with PJ and Jamie coming in from Celtic. These players are on wages that clubs like ourselves just couldn’t afford without their parent clubs doing us a favour. We are getting good players for good value and I think it benefits everyone involved.

“If we could sort something out where every club in the lower league gets, for example, three of these players on loan, then it would help our overall budget and benefit lower league clubs.

“But I do think the new proposal will go through. Technically everyone has to agree but there are very powerful clubs in our game.”