SAUCHIE boss Fraser Duncan says he would support any plans for Junior football to make the switch to a summer season.

Duncan’s side have once again seen their fixture list decimated by bad weather, and the manager reckons players and managers are becoming more and more frustrated.

And he called on the Scottish Football Association to invest in more all-weather facilities to help teams train during the winter period.

Duncan told Advertiser Sport: “I’d definitely get behind summer football. At this time of year you can’t get any momentum going and clubs and managers do get frustrated.

"It’s so difficult for us to get any momentum going because you have a couple of weeks on and then more games called off.

“We’d need to look at when pitches get time to grow, because they just don’t grow over the winter, but if you’re not playing on them they aren’t going to get chewed up.

“The SFA need to invest in more indoor pitches, but they won’t do that. There’s only three in the entire country, and none of them are anywhere near us. The council don’t have the money either.

“The biggest thing for us is making sure the lads are keeping themselves fit and ready to go for when we do eventually have games.

“It’s difficult for the club because we rely on the income from games. We still have to pay players so it is tough for us when games are called off.”

The Wee County side will attempt to go head to head with Jeanfield Swifts at the second time of asking on Saturday, and Duncan insisted that a victory is crucial in order to safeguard his side’s survival hopes.

He said: “The Jeanfield game is a real six-pointer because they’re in a position where they’re trying to drag themselves out of that bun-fight down at the bottom. We are in exactly the same position.

“Three points in this game will pull us a bit further away, and then we can focus on moving up the table a bit. But if we don’t win, we are right back in the thick of it. We will be pushing to get three points and nothing less.”

As the transfer deadline for Junior clubs approaches, Duncan revealed he will not be rushing to add to his squad, declaring himself happy with his current side with the season entering its final stages.

He added: “If the right player comes along then we will look at that but to be honest I am happy with what we’ve got.

"We’re happy just to keep going unless a diamond in the rough comes along, in which case we’ll look at it.

"We have a squad of 15 and as long as we don’t get any more injuries, I’m happy to go with that.”