THIS month marks one year since a popular biker café was set-up in Clackmannanshire – offering a place for friendship and support.

Held every few weeks, it is an opportunity for like-minded people to meet for a blether and bite to eat over shared interests.

Bikers from Tillicoultry Baptist Church are celebrating the milestone of their RRJ Café (Road Riders for Jesus Scotland) which is held once a month at the town's The Annex in Murray Square.

Ian Cameron from Alva, who initiated the group, said: "We’ve quite a few people in our church that are into motorbikes and setting up the RRJ group gave us a chance to meet up and look at how we wanted to take things forward.

"We’d been meeting for a couple of years and getting involved in supporting the Alva Fun Day and the Tillicoultry Gala.

"But we wanted to do something more regular to reach out to communities – both in Clackmannanshire and also the biker community.

"The café seemed like the ideal way of offering something practical and getting people together who enjoyed biking."

The café, which opens on the third Saturday of each month between 10am and 2pm, offers free tea, coffee and biscuits to those that drop in.

It was even kept open over the winter months and bikers dropped in for a chat and some hot soup to keep warm.

For Ian and the RRJ members, the café offers more than just refreshment.

He said: "It’s a place of friendship and support. We’re not out to push the gospel down anyone’s throats, that would be disrespectful, but if anyone asks us about our faith, we’re happy to share it with them.

"Word has spread about the café and most Saturdays between 25 to 35 bikers turn up, sometimes because they’ve seen the bikes outside the annex and have come in for a look to see what’s going on.

"A lot of the guys come along each month to hang out, chat about their bikes and good bike run. A lot of our regular bikers are local but some come from quite a distance to visit us and use it as a run.

"Most arrive at 10am and don’t leave till we close up."

RRJ will be organising some runs this year, leaving from Murray Square at midday.

Ian added: "It makes sense to meet up somewhere local, grab a cuppa and go for a run.

"We ran the idea past some of our regulars and everyone seems up for it. We’re just hoping we get some good weather this summer."