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Wildside May 11

On the Wildside: Marvelling in the dawn chorus

THE dawn chorus is one of the true joys of spring, and well before sunrise each morning as I wander along the River Devon, it is wonderful to hear blackbirds and song thrushes delivering their sweet melodies.

Wildside Apr 20

On the Wildside: In search of Wee County foxes

IT WAS a bit of a shock, to be honest. I had just revisited one of my local fox dens in Clackmannanshire, and there was a scene of devastation all around, with tumbled pine trees that had been felled by ferocious winter storms.

Wildside Mar 30

On the Wildside: The exhilaration of dawn on the haugh

DAWN on the haugh of the River Devon near Tillicoultry and my spirits soared under the uplifting power of nature's ethereal beauty – an orange-glowed sun rose slowly above the mist-wisped meadows and the air had a freshness that was the very elixir of life.