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Volvo XC60 Recharge T8 Plug-in hybrid £57,595 - £63,145

Out of 10

The top Recharge T8 plug-in hybrid version of Volvo's XC60 mid-sized premium SUV combines turbocharging, supercharging and electrification for potentially astonishing efficiency returns, despite this Swedish crossover's huge power output. There's a significant price to pay for this technology and you'll need to tailor your motoring life to suit what this car can offer but if you can deal with these caveats, then this is a potentially very likeable package, especially in this improved form.

Our Ratings

Overall 69%
Handling 5/10
Comfort 8/10
Economy 7/10
Value 5/10
Build 8/10
Equipment 7/10
Performance 8/10
Depreciation 7/10
Insurance 6/10
Space 7/10
Styling 8/10
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