SHE may have been thousands of miles from the familiar sights of Bishopbriggs, but Katee Kross was made right at home during her recent tour in Germany.

The singer was invited over to play a handful of shows across the Dortmund area from July 2-8 and was blown away by the reception she and her bandmates received.

Incredibly, one of the venues sold out in just eight minutes, with dozens turned away at the door.

The 22-year-old said: "It was definitely one of the most memorable experiences we've had.

"Playing in front of sold-out audiences is always a thrill, but to do so in a place we've never been – where you are an unknown quantity – is incredible.

"It's a great feeling to be representing the Scottish county music scene abroad like that, and wonderful to see how well we are received there."

Initially, Katee had no idea what to expect when she travelled to Germany with bandmates Ross Barron, Lyle Dear and Tommy McGuire.

She knew there was a huge appreciation of live music but was not quite prepared for the rousing welcome they were given.

The singer even made headlines after a sold-out set in Soest, with one paper describing the show as "Scotswoman conquers Soest audience in storm".

And the success of the tour was such that Katee and her band have been invited back over next year for even more shows in bigger venues.

Katee added: "They just absolutely love their live music over there, and the way they go about gigs is very different.

"There's not a whole lot of promotion and they don't sell the tickets anywhere in advance.

"We showed up to play the show in Soest and the place sold out in eight minutes. There was a queue down the street, and we had to turn people away.

"It was just an amazing tour and no sooner had we finished up than the promoter came over and invited us back for next year.

"We're delighted that we have the opportunity to do it again and we'll be playing some bigger venues as well."

Never one to shy away from her roots, Katee took great pride in strolling the German streets sporting a Made in Bishopbriggs t-shirt.

But for the East Dunbartonshire woman, the tour was an opportunity to reach out the kinds of audiences she had never played for in the past.

She said: "No two shows were alike. We played a few house gigs; we played a church, the coffee shop and then there was the gig on a farm.

"That was a fantastic gig; it was in the middle of nowhere, but still managed to bring in more than 200 tickets.

"There was a BBQ, with everyone eating bratwurst, and a bunch of kids running around.

"It was like playing for friends and family at times. Everyone is respectful and keen to hear what you have to say.

"People were asking where in Glasgow we were from and so I said we were from Bishopbriggs. They were pretty interested to hear we are from the same place as Amy Macdonald – she's huge in Germany."

Meanwhile, the shows roll on for Katee who performed at the sold-out Tiree Music Festival at the weekend.

She and the band will head off to Yorkshire this week for a Writers in the Round event in Leeds, followed by a gig at the Strathaven Folk Festival, in South Lanarkshire.

There are also further gigs on the horizon, including a much-anticipated double show with country music favourites Raintown in East Kilbride next month.