BISHOPBRIGGS singer Katee Kross has made a blistering return with her latest record Show Your Hand.

The album – her fourth in four years – showcases a punchier outlook with a number of up-tempo tracks.

The songs are laced with more evocative lyrics and heavier rock ‘n’ roll influences as she bounces back and forth with the sharp guitar stylings of long-time collaborator Ross Barron.

While Show Your Hand is a clear development for 22-year-old and her band, she feels the added elements offer a whole new perspective on her work.

“There is an edge to it,” the singer said. “There is always a temptation to play it safe; to go with what works – but that’s never been us. We’re all different people from when we started out and the way we write and play has changed along with that.

“When we sat down last year to begin work on Show Your Hand, we knew this was an opportunity to delve deeper into our own songs. I remember hearing the final mixes for the first time and I was blown away. I had the biggest smile on my face for days."

She added: “Of course, we get to the point now where – after recording, and mixing, choosing the artwork and planning the release – we really just want everyone to hear it. It’s been a long-time coming and we’re aching to hit the road and play these songs live.”

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As with the latest three offerings from Kross, the project was produced and recorded without label assistance. However, the album was funded through Creative Scotland.

Kross added: “We normally do things our own way, but this time we thought a little added help would give us a little more freedom in the recording process.  It afforded us so much more time and space to work. It gave us the platform we had been crying out for in previous recordings – and the difference is plain for all to see.  If there are other artists out there in the same boat, I’d recommend they apply as well.”

The band will officially unveil Show Your Hand with a launch show at the Webster Theatre in Glasgow on February 22. A few days later they will travel to down south to play Nashville Meets London, with a slot at the Buckles and Boots Country Festival in Manchester also on the horizon.

“We just want to play,” Kross continued. “We love writing and the recording process is always an experience. But, in the end, we want audiences to hear our songs live.

“There are more gigs in the works and we’ll be sure to play some new songs around the UK over the next few months. We’ll be kicking all that off in a big way; we’re hoping that everyone who played on the album will be with us on February 22.

“The stage will be packed; the floor will be packed…We can’t wait to get started.”

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