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Vilde – Fully Fledged

Silver Wilson – I’ll Be There

Vox Eagle – Sweet Temptations

Ten Sleep – Streamers

The Franklin Electric – Burning Flame


Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser:

Vilde is the Stockholm-based project of Australian-born Thomas Savage.

Thomas coined the genre ‘study dance’ after realising he could feel both like dancing or studying to the music at any given time.

Vilde is currently on a one-song-per-month bender, which began as an experiment in October 2016.

Fully Fledged is the ninth release of 12 monthlies, which will form a compilation album.

About the track, Thomas said: “I wrote the song a few years ago when I was living in Brighton.

“I had just returned from the Czech Republic, where I collected a sample of a woman’s voice brooding the town over loudspeakers with safely drill information.

“I’m not necessarily one for opportuning a potential sample, but this one was a no brainer. It induced the town, from my perspective at least, with such an apocalyptic vibe.

“I returned home and this song spilled out of me surrounding the sample. I had to force myself to mute it for sections, originally I wanted it running through the whole song.”



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Originally from Nottingham, terrific trio Silver Wilson have built up a solid fan following with their charismatic guitar-indie-pop.

The lads – Brandon Hill (vocals, guitar), Elliot Labbate (bass, backing vocals) and Tom Girling (drums, backing vocals) – are continually developing and taking new directions with their sound and style as they progress.

New single I’ll Be There is a tropical electro-infused jam with a beach club vibe. With a flavour reminiscent of Model Aeroplanes, Circa Waves and early Bombay Bicycle Club, this sun-kissed cracker captivates with its bass-loaded rhythmic backdrop, crystal indie guitars and colourful sweeping synth.

About the track, the band said: “The inspiration behind the track came from us all bringing together different ideas and melodies which we then built up to home in on the sound we’re aiming towards.”



Alloa and Hillfoots Advertiser:

Andy Crosby and Luke Hamel, the dynamic duo behind Vox Eagle, mesmerize with their pulsating beats, shimmering synths and vibrant storytelling.

With song Sweet Temptations, taken from EP Flamingo Paradiso, Pt. 1, the band delivers an infectiously euphoric little number that has been carefully crafted to tell a karmic-party tale.

About the track, Andy said: “It was the first song that we recorded together as Vox Eagle. We decided we were going to rent a house on Airbnb and take our mobile recording gear there and try and get some ideas out.

“We'd just come off a tour with Luke’s other band, Canyon Rays, and spent some time in Vegas so Luke and I know all too well how to get into trouble when hanging out with each other. It can be an epic to new worldly proportions or a complete disaster when we get together for a night out but it always seems to work out. 

“When I say disaster, it’s like someone always goes missing, or loses their belongings, or loses their sh*t, or one of us or both of us is up for days when we’re on tour and needs to be kid-gloved like a baby so it can be the best of both worlds really. The good and the bad. That’s the Sweet Temptations and the karma slap after. We tend to have fun most of the time, and I think we are learning our lessons as we go.

“Half the fun of getting a new band together is pushing each other to the limits mentally and physically by trying to keep everyone on their toes and up for days making tunes or partying and what not.

“It’s kinda like Chinese torture at some points, but once you get through all the nonsense and testing each others limits both musically and physically through late night goose chases round the battlefields of Las Vegas casinos and nightclubs and all that then it’s down to the business ends of things which is getting those tunes out.

“Sweet Temptations is all the distractions along the way and the karmic price you pay for playing with the shiny new toys and staying up partying for two days.

“So that’s kinda the story of how we got to getting Sweet Temptations on the EP.

“It really was the first song we wrote together, along with a few others after on the EP, that were recorded in a cabin we rented on Airbnb in Bearsville, New York in fall 2016.

“It was us finding a new sound, figuring out what the first steps or wing flaps of Vox Eagle were to be and then recording it on our laptop computer, singing vocals in the shower, wires, guitars, synths and peddles everywhere telling the tales of our late night adventures and times on the tour bus we'd just had.

“We’re really stoked to hear we are getting some people listening in Scotland. That means so much to us to go from recording in a tiny wood cabin a year ago to have people on the other side of the Atlantic playing our music. It’s totally awesome and humbling. We appreciate the support and if you feel so inclined, please tell your friends so we can hopefully get over to Scotland soon for some shows.”



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Ontario’s Ten Sleep serve up dreamy dollops of chillwave.

Smooth track Streamers delicately drifts along as it bewitches with its enchanting melody.

About the song, band member Rob LaPlante said: “We wanted to step out and put a spin on how we did things musically and lyrically. Streamers is a perfect example of that on the record.

“Lyrically it’s a song that questions the norms of love and what defines it – in this case being infatuated or falling in love with an object, like a bicycle. We tried to explore the idea of, ‘what makes love real or not real?’ in a different way.

“We’ve been busy since the release of Suburban Lore [the album] in June, and it’ll likely stay that way until next year as we’re just booking shows and playing as often as we can to support the record. Also, we’re really excited for Christmas.”



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(The Franklin Electric by Charline Martel)

Montreal-based The Franklin Electric flow with ease in the alt-folk market.

Burning Flame is one such track that is evocatively soulful.

About the song, frontman Jon Matte said: “This was a spontaneous last minute addition to the record about the fire that feeds us and brings us to do all the things we do, or ignore the things we don't do but wish we had. A voice inside most of us that can easily be ignored but the burn is a constant reminder.”