THE director of a documentary exploring the reasons behind the Brexit vote will be on hand to answer questions at the Macrobert in Stirling tomorrow.

Timothy George Kelly will be at the University of Stirling venue on October 19 when his 'Brexitannia' will be screened after an introduction from the creator himself.

A documentary portrait of the UK during unpredictable times, the production features faces from Aberdeen through Belfast to Clacton-by-Sea.

It also starrs Noam Chomsky, Saskia Sassen, Guy Standing, Nick Srnicek, Heidi Mirza, Federico Campagna and 49 leavers and remainers from across the nation.

Shot in black and white with meticulous framing, the documentary is split into two sections.

Firstly, there are interviews with a wide selection of British citizens who speak about how they voted in the EU referendum and outline the reasons why.

Everything is covered from sheep tags and automation to European Union regulations on cucumbers and much more.

There are themes of British sovereignty, immigration and constitutional implications with a sense of nostalgia around making Britain great again.

The second part moves onto the experts and theorists who provide their analysis of the situation.

Timothy, who hails from Australia, explained he tried to follow actual statistical demographics in an attempt to paint the picture as truthfully as possible.

He said: “It can be argued that documenting a national identity is impossible in its complexity, and I maybe agree, but the one thing we were able to capture successfully was the feeling of the moment, and all its shock, beauty and humour.

“Over the six months that followed the referendum I interviewed 106 people all over the UK. Fifty ended up in the final cut. I consider the film more a study of humans than of politics.”

The director's previous work included music documentaries which seen him collaborate with Grimes, Mac DeMarco and the Russian techno and cloud rap scenes.

He has been living in London for the past five years and 'Brexitannia' is his second feature length piece.

The opening event at the Macrobert starts at 7.30pm tomorrow and the screening will be followed by a Q and A with the director.

Tickets are £7, concessions £6 and £5 for students. Book via call the box office on 01786 466 666 or in person at the venue.