WITH the school holidays in full swing, there’s no better time to escape the mayhem by tuning into this week’s new releases or… as the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat them — join them’.

Maybe it’s time to turn your young relatives into fans of the Scottish Music Scene, who knows, they might be the next Rianne Downey or Jamie Pollock...


Grant Kilpatrick — When It Comes

Around Edinburgh based musician, Grant Kilpatrick, has both an urge and an edge in music. Taking power and tone from Noel Gallagher and Frank Carter but maintaining a refreshing zest of individuality.

One-line review: “Satisfyingly pushes the limits of noise, the authenticity of rawness and the subjectivity of what makes a good song — because this is just objectively great.”

FFO: Oasis, Artic Monkeys, The Vanities, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Johnny Marr, The Verve


Jamie Button — Strange Saints

Dundee’s Jamie Button has been honing his musical ability from the age of 15, growing up to play in King Tut’s and the Barrowlands before sharing the stage with some of the biggest modern music names in Britain such as Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Fratellis and Mark Morris.

One-line review: “With a knack for guitar solos that bridge the way for an energetic climax, Jamie Button has only gone and done it again with this one— but better.”

FFO: Jamie Pollock, Anthony McElwee, Jake Bugg, Declan McKenna, The View, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Oasis, The Verve


Jonnie Wallace — Milk and Flowers

Wallace has been releasing music since 2018, gaining momentum when his debut single ‘Cherry Baby’ wracked up almost 2,000 listens on Spotify.

One-line review: “Jonnie has done what all the greats do — take that pent up angst and turn it into a work of art.”

FFO: Baby Strange, Pleasure Heads, Wrest, Layaway, Linkin Park, Weezer, Pixies


SHEARS — Pick Me Up

Producing and writing music from her home in Leith, SHEARS has gained a lot of momentum in the recent years. From earning a spot on The List’s Hot 100 of 2019 to her recent single ‘When You’re Around’ being chosen for the BBC Radio 1 Introducing Hot List of 2020. SHEARS shows no signs of slowing down.

One-line review: “This is what walking on soft, fluffy but simultaneously electrifying clouds both feels and sounds like.”

FFO: Pretty Preachers Club, Indoor Foxes, Josephine Sillars, Rianne Downey, Kings Klub


North Atlas — Midnight Sun

Emerging from the lowlands of the Solway Firth, North Atlas are the perfect energetic balance between modern dark electronics and the more traditional side of alternative rock.

One-line review: “Dark and heavy-duty yet so originally energy-fuelled while bridging worlds between various genres.”

FFO: Back Bone, Abrade the Earth, Death Blooms, SHUSH, Vexed, Biffy Clyro, Nine Inch Nails


Linzi Clark — Balancing Act

Beginning a new chapter in her musical career after forming one half of electro-pop duo DRIFT, Paisley’s Linzi Clark has began on the path of showcasing her own individuality and unique talents as an artist.

One-line review: “Hauntingly-beautiful Kate Bush-like vocals that not only invite you in, but keep you there.”

FFO: Kate Bush, Alannah Moar, Indoor Foxes, Belle and Sebastian, Florence and the Machine, Josephine Sillars


Rianne Downey — Do or Die

A much-loved nation-favourite, Rianne has only soared since the release of her debut single which ignited the flame in a very promising musical career. This is only the beginning.

One-line review: “‘Hesitation costs you the life that you could’ve lived’— the liberation of this uplifting and inspiring summery song feels like a gift from the Divine. ”

FFO: Josephine Sillars, Rachel Jack, Abigail Pryde, Taylor Swift, Eddi Reader, Gerry Cinnamon


Cede — Pain Sells

This duo of sheer enchanting talent derives from the work of Alan Kerr and Becci Wallace and there is no doubt that they are a musical match made in heaven.

One-line review: “There’s nothing overly-complex about this track neither is there anything simple and that’s exactly why you’ll love it — it meets you half way in the charming abyss of sweet, sweet harmonies.”

FFO: Björk, Kate Rusby, Eddi Reader, The Pretenders


POLLY — Boy/Girl

Five-piece alternative rock band, POLLY, formed in Edinburgh in the latter half of 2019. Ever since the band have been creating singles fuelled the marriage of grunge and psychedelic rock. Some influences include artists such as Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead and Nirvana.

One-line review: “Restoring all faith in the resurgence of the ‘happiness in the dark’ that was the 90s alternative rock scene, everybody has been ready and waiting for that to be done right — and POLLY has cracked it.”

FFO: Nirvana, Radiohead, Book Klub, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Pixies


Be Charlotte, VanIves — Swim Easy

Be Charlotte’s bedroom pop meets the south-west duo The VanIves, for an emotional, heartwarming dream pop ballad in a collaboration that feels like it was just “meant to be”.

One-line review: “Both sets of ethereal vocals on this track compliment each other like a warm mug of tea compliments a rainy day.”

FFO: Josephine Sillars, Indoor Foxes, SheBeat, KAIT, The Vegan Leather