AT THE risk of jinxing the whole thing, it's fair to say we are almost there.

It has been almost a year and half since most of us have been in a dark and sweaty club taking in a gig. A season of festivals wiped out. Half of another season compromised.

But we are almost there - we have just about made it through.

I suspect many would agree it has been a hellish road, but that we have all found strength in what new music we could get our hands on.

For that, the Scottish Music Scene is owed a huge debt of gratitude. It simply keeps giving.

This week is no exception with a plethora of impressive tracks to dive into...

Deer Leader – The Great Northern

A first release of the year for the trio, and they haven’t missed a beat.

One-line review: “An epic track from a band who regularly deal in the epic – a journey in of itself.”

FFO: Foreignfox, Meursault, Siiga

Kate McCabe – I Am Her (The Devil is Desire)

A tune that should find itself on many a shortlist for track of the year, Kate McCabe holds a mirror to the masses with this tremendous release.

One-line review: “An honest and indulgent track which pushes back against performative morality.”

FFO: Misty Galactic, Be Charlotte, Fourth Daughter

NOISE – Clockwise

The Glasgow four-piece show their depth with another serious vibe.

One-line review: “An uplifting verse gives way to a massive indie chorus that hits just right.”

FFO: Declan Welsh and The Decadent West, Jamie Button, Chris Greig and The Merchants

Retro Video Club – Disaster

Taking a step into the visceral, the Edinburgh four-piece showcase their range in fitting fashion.

One-line review: “A menacing, uncompromising stomper, with the band tapping into their inner-QOTSA.”

FFO: Baby Strange, Pleasureheads, Dead Pony

Forgetting the Future – Lepricon

Talk about going strength-to-strength, Forgetting the Future are band primed to topple the so-called big acts in the industry.

One-line review: “A track with a little bit of everything: Mighty hooks, meaty rhythms and a monstrous outro.”

FFO: Shambolics, The Dunts, The Rah’s

kitti – Pretty Girls

One of Scotland’s brightest talents delivers an early contender for vocal performance of the year… decade… century…

One-line review: “You think you know everything kitti has...until her next track completely blows your mind. Outstanding. Beautiful. Powerful.”

FFO: Cara Rose, emae

Teague – Sunlight Serotonin

With the days growing longer, now is the perfect time for the Edinburgh-based singer to release his third track of 2021.

One-line review: “Summer tunes just keep coming with this infectious pop-soaked anthem.”

FFO: Daytime TV, Vistas, False Friends

Bemz – 26

Ayrshire rapper has been riding a wave as of late and meets the hype with his latest effort.

One-line review: “Poignant and reflective: a tune inspired by the devastating lows and soaring highs of the last year or so.”

FFO: Vagrant Real Estate, Paque, CHLOBOCOP

The Tropicanas – Sunflowers (after 6pm)

There’s laid back and then there’s The Tropicanas. The five-piece hit back again with their latest release from their upcoming EP, due out in August.

One-line review: “The soundtrack to the Scottish summer – cold drinks, BBQ and even just a little sunlight through the grey.”

FFO: Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Thieves, The Stoned Immaculate

Alex Tronic – Love in the Forest, ft. Rachael Jones

One of the stand-out tracks from the new album Bounced, which is well-worth a full evening listen.

One-line review: “Ethereal and dark tones woven with airy vocals – a treat for the senses.”s

FFO: Kohla, Snakestyle, Roy’s Iron DNA

Iain Wilson – Faking Smiles

The opening track from the album Holding on ‘til Sunrise and sets the tone for the following nine tunes.

One-line review: “A pained tale that will resonate with so many – but with hope for the future scratching beneath the surface.”

FFO: Cameron Barnes, Stevie McCrorie, Aaron Smith