SUNSTINGER have unveiled their EP earlier this month as they take a huge stride forward in their sound.

Beyond the Frame is said to be the tone the Fifers have been striving for - a culmination of their journey until now.

The four-song release features previous single Shadows, along with Bonnie's Kaleidoscope, All My Friends are High and the title track.

Made up of Taylor Wright, Scott Gourlay, Bill Anderson and Nick Hernandez - the band have been releasing singles steadily over the past few years but were keen to take the next step.

Beyond the Frame was written and recorded over the course of three days in substation with Magnus Collie (The Jesus and Mary Chain, Skids, Domiciles) at the end of 2020.

Of the EP recording process, singer Taylor Wright: “It was put together very quickly. We went into the studio with about 50 percent of the lyrics and no guitar parts.

"We actually wrote All My Friends Are High at the rehearsal the night before and Scott, our guitarist, hadn't even heard it until he arrived at the studio the next day. For some reason, the process just worked for us.

"We experimented with a lot of different guitar sounds as we wanted it to sound as loud as possible. We've left no space in the songs at all and Magnus was a big part in that too.”

Wright adds: “It’s the sound we've been searching for these last few years. If it was 10 years ago everything before this would have been a learning process towards this EP. And the EP would probably be the first thing released. In this day and age, though, the way social media works and the way bands can release material, it's like the audience or fans come on the journey from the beginning.

“We've grafted hard and it's nice to have something to show for it, it means a lot to us but it still feels like this is just the beginning. We're still one of the new bands around here, we still have something to prove.”

TRACK BY TRACK - with Sunstinger's Taylor Wright

Bonnie's Kaleidoscope

Bonnie's was written in the first few months of the first lockdown. I was drinking alot during the week and watching a lot of old live videos from bands I like. I wanted to write a big tune, something that would work in a festival setting. It's a simple song but I had the idea of how I wanted it to sound and the band captured that live.

Beyond the Frame

I wrote this song with the EP in mind. Intentionally, I started it with the same chord as Bonnie's so we could merge the two songs into one in the studio. Most of this song was developed in studio time. We layered A LOT of guitars. There probably isn't space to put anything more into this song.


Shadows was half-written by the band going into lockdown. That's probably why it sounds similar in style to previous songs like the void. I added the chorus and outro and played it at some live stream gigs - it went down well, so we put it on the EP.

All My Friends Are High

The night before we went into the studio we decided we wanted a strange song for the end of the EP. We came up with this and it sounded pretty good, so we worked on it more in the studio and it became a full-length track. It's definitely a stepping stone into the style we've been experimenting with more recently and things we have been recording after the EP seems more in this direction.