THE future of festivals remains up in the air and we're all a little sick of it. 

It seems every week there is another cancellation - every announcement cutting to the bone.

That is, of course, a crying shame. Scotland needs music and we've all been waiting too long to hear so many new and exciting tracks - written in lockdown- to be performed live.

Over the last year or so, The Weekender has endeavoured to highlight the emerging talent in this country. Many artists have arguably delivered their finest work through this awful period and I for one can't wait to hear them play for us all.

Take a look at this week's New Music Friday. It is insane - absolutely jam-packed with incredible releases from a variety of genres. Every one of them is worth getting your ears around this afternoon.


JUŁIA – Mine

A third release from this star of the future – definitely a career on an upward trajectory.

One-line review: “Incredible and intelligent pop anthem, laden with wide-ranging influences.”


Vulture Party – Afterlife

Almost a year since their last release, VP return with the first single of their forthcoming album.

One-line review: “A relatively joyous exploration of life after death – with some tremendous duelling vocals.”


Jen Ella – Sway me now

The Glasgow-based singer follows up on eyes for you as she builds momentum towards the release of her second EP, titled Following my path to freedom.

One-line review: “Soulful tones and beautiful melodies – on brand for Ella.”


Goodnight Louisa – Get Your Hands off My Girlfriend

Edinburgh singer opens her heart and shines a harrowing light on the abuse against gay women.

One-line review: “A menacing truth lurks beneath the surface of the glossy pop veneer.”


Kirsty Grant – Bad Boys, Good Girls

The London-based Scot releases her second single from her upcoming debut EP.

One-line review: “Defiant and authoritative – with a lethal mix of catchy pop hooks and floor-filling club vibes.”


Ciaran Whyte – If I Were You

Paisley man turns a shade more rock with this fiery release, a decided department from the folksy waltz of What Good Does Worry Do?

One-line review: “A fierce, uncompromising, but entirely measured, proper rock track. Shout out for the solo.”


Marc Culley – See Feel Love

The Peterhead artist is back on the scene, with another new track already announced for next month.

One-line review: “A truly bittersweet track which merges elements from classic tracks old and new.”


Oh! Paulo – Sun It Shines

A busy 2021 for the Granite City singer, with a trio of tracks already out in the world.

One-line review: “A vintage upbeat chorus spliced with unsettling proto-punk verses.”


The Ninth Wave – Maybe You Didn’t Know

They’re back and they’re on it – The Ninth Wave follow up on their 2020 EP with a cracker.

One-line review: “Another deliciously on-brand track with added flourishes.”


Besty – Kiss the Sun

From the mind of Terrified Daisy, a debut track of sorts for the Besty project

One-line review: “Some classic LA rock influences fused with punk and some desert rock vibes.”


Coen Rhys – Calling

One of the stand-out tracks on the Middle of Nowhere (Near the End of the World) EP.

One-line review: “Smooth as silk and intriguingly expressive – a delight for the soul.”


Cyrano – Tundra

A second track from the talented producer who always crafts the finest of weaves.

One-line review: “Heartfelt and raw – a dutiful battle against hopelessness and despair.”


Eliza Shaddad – Fine & Peachy

An album worth waiting for – so many cool singles already, but shoutout to this tremendous track.

One-line review: “This track takes us on a summery walk of defiance: raising a middle finger to the everyday bulls***.”