TODAY is yet another day to remember in the story of the Scottish Music Scene - such is the volume of tremendous new releases.

From right across the spectrum, there are some true delights unveiled this week as the summer months kick on.

Fingers crossed these artists get the opportunity to perform these tracks in the fields and parks right across the UK this (somewhat curtailed) festival season...


Parliamo — Life on the TV

Another track that underlines the maturity and development of a band that is plotting a serious takeover.

One-line review: “A festival-ready tune full of swagger, with the band displaying all the credentials to back it up.”


Nicol & Elliott — Broken Eyes

A duo that continues to mix all the best parts of Americana with that simmering dark edge — always a good day when new Nicol & Elliott songs are released.

One-line review: “A striking darkly track that waltzes with the devil for a few lingering bourbon-soaked moments.”


Misty Galactic and Vagrant Real Estate — Holy Places

An interesting combination on paper and a tantalising partnership in practice. The scarlet-laced dark pop of Misty Galactic and the sharp rattling touch of Vagrant Real Estate… a match made in Holy Places.

One-line review: “Smoky vocals and acerbic beats — a track that makes you feel like you are standing on cracked glass…”


PG Ciarletta — Bonnie Toun

The Kirkcaldy lad has been flying over the last year, dropping one toe-tapper after another… this time writing straight from the heart.

One-line review: “An epic and bittersweet anthem to tether many a heartstring.”


Dylan John Thomas — Jenna

A born songwriter, Dylan John Thomas is always looking to keep his listeners surprised and he takes a bit of a new approach again with Jenna.

One-line review: “Just like a cursed relationship… Jenna dips and veers between those blissful care-free highs and sudden and stark lows.”


Eleanor Hickey — 2017

A talent in the making, Hickey continues to mature at every turn. From I’m Tired, to Living, to 2017… she is a joy to behold.

One-line review: “Hickey’s beautifully-aching vocals are the perfect guide for a journey of self-reflection.”



Arguably the most intense VUKOVI track to date, which is a statement in itself. The third single from the upcoming third album, and it’s a thing of beauty.

One-line review: “The twisted VUKOVI carnival has caught fire and the smoke can be seen for miles…”


Megan Black — Freedom Belongs to Him

A first track of the year for the talented West Lothian songwriter and one that carries a powerful and urgent message for today.

One-line review: “A punchy rock track which lassoes elements from blues, pop and a sprinkling of gospel to craft a sound that deserves attention.”


The Chosen Lonely — Wild Youth

A second single from the forthcoming Video Hair EP and shows a different side from previous single Zoom Romance.  A songwriter’s song; it will make you sit up and take notice.

One-line review: “A song to end those long summer nights – a backdrop to the setting sun.”


Jamie Rees — Hate Me

A track we can learn from. If ‘Shake it Off’ had a little more ‘Get it up ye’ about it. A tune that de-claws the caustic online troll and his hate-filled keyboard campaign.

One-line review: “If ever there was a song that turned the dark on itself… the musical equivalent of waving a pinky finger at haters.”


Numantra — No Inbetween

A second single from Numantra and in keeping with the debut, albeit with a little more teeth. This time, the tune borrows from stoner rock and desert rock to induce a little added dirt to the mix.

One-line review: “A track that rumbles the gut with some sludgy tones and chunky rhythms.”


Silver Haar — Fear of the Unknown (Lights Out EP)

A debut EP that slaps – plenty of influences coming to the fore with the band putting their own stamp on everything they do. Difficult to pick a stand-out track, but Fear of the Unknown, perhaps, just edges it.

One-line review: “A Foos-esque track that is both familiar and strange – there is a pleasant surprise around every corner.”


Fleeces — Attention

If there is an argument that it’s always hard to deliver a follow-up when your debut single is so good… then Fleeces haven’t heard it. The duo are back at it and in full swing.

One-line review: “Floaty and atmospheric with a sense of unease grating beneath the surface.”


VanIves — Nothing

Surely one of Scotland’s premier songwriting teams, and with good reason, it is always grand to see a new release from VanIves.

One-line review: “A tender piece with some breath-taking vocal lines that bring a tear to the eye.”


Kendama — Clean Sheets

The synth-pop duo, following up from Believe in Me earlier this year, give the Kendama treatment to the end of a relationship phase.

One-line review: “A tale of both frustration resolution, painted across a synth-pop canvas.”



After turning heads with their Don’t Look Back EP, MOY return with an outstanding new single, rife with attitude and energy.

One-line review: “Both explosive and measured – the force of a clenched fist and the touch of an outstretched hand.”