AND so comes the end of July... another summer month in limbo and the sense of missing out now rife for music fans.

Another Festival bites the dust as Doune the Rabbit Hole announced its cancellation for 2021, but the Scottish Music Scene is determined all the same.

Live music will return. It is only a matter of time.

Until then, we have the many talented artists from across the genre spectrum to thank for keeping our spirits up. July has been a tremendous month for new releases and this week is, once again, no exception.

Pandas — Debbie

A second single release of the year and it is huge — will be a terrific addition to their live set when the doors open again.

One-line review: “An absolute leather jacket of a track — full body swagger over a pure rock ‘n’ roll backbone.”

FFO: Fake Lips, The Roly Mo, Shambolics


Tonto — Insider

The summer hits keep coming from the punch Alloa four-piece who are counting the days until their debut show in Glasgow next month.

One-line review: “A track destined to soundtrack the summer — a perfect end to a festival set.”

FFO: The Decadent Movement, Vida, The Rah's, Stereophonics


Dictator — Mirror Mirror

The West Lothian lads are back again as they turn up the heat a few notches and showcase another string to their bow. Contender for bassline of the year.

One-line review: “A treatise on the  social media house of cards that scratches through the glossy surface of living out loud." 

FFO: DRIFT, Gorillaz


The Deep Shining Sea — White Lie

A fourth release to date from the Paisley trio as they continue to grow with each new single. Their latest effort has been much-anticipated, with White Lie a firm live favourite.

One-line review: “An on-brand mix of dream soundscapes and driving choruses — shout out for the slick guitar work as well.”

FFO: Artesan, Travis, Justboy


Ava Carlyle — Fading (swim deep)

A debut single and a perfect way to introduce yourself to the world. Very curious to see where Carlyle goes next.

One-line review: “Haunting and reflective with an assured sense of hope on the horizon.”

FFO: Katie Gregson-Macleod, Vanives


Jasmin Reid — Butterflies

A welcome return from Reid, finally following up on last year’s feisty debut Perfect Bitch and well worth the wait.

One-line review: “A swaying, care-free country ballad that captures the butterfly moments of a new love.”

FFO: Katee Kross, Riley, Rianne Downey


Gunke — Mum

The happy-go-lucky punk rockers are back again with a new track that delves into the end of relationships.

One-line review: “Playfully upbeat, despite the subject matter, but a joyous and catchy banger.”

FFO: Dutch Wine, Gallus, Baby Strange


Britt — Don’t Waste a Second

Only a second release for the young talent, but such a strong statement of intent for the future.

One-line review: “A truly remarkable showcase of talent… a voice that completely dwarfs the chunky, driving rock beat.”

FFO: RAAB, Frances Gein


Jack Badcock — Only a Lifetime

A voice as smooth as bourbon-soaked silk, with the musicianship to match. A joy for the ears...

One-line review: “A striking blend of  and folky-jazz that feeds the soul."

FFO: The Laurence Murray Project, Ruby Gaines, Eliza Shaddad


T-A — Let the Good Times Roll

A first single of the year for the duo and a follow-up to last year’s impressive EP.

One-line review: “A rich and spacey first leg, before a devastating boot lands in the gut to round it all off.”

FFO: Martin Leary, Man of Moon, Foreignfox