TEENCANTEEN are back where it all began by unveiling material previously unreleased from the band's embryonic era.

Last week, the band unleashed You're So Analog, the second single from their upcoming album This Is How It Starts, out on August 13.

The track is known as a former live favourite and features guest guitar work from The Vaselines' Eugene Kelly.

Carla Easton, singer and songwriter for TeenCanteen, said: "[It is] A song seeking clarity. I wrote it when I started a romance with a poet who would text me messages full of incomprehensible metaphors and alliteration when I was just seeking three simple words. I. Like. You.

"In a fast-moving world, sometimes, you just need to get straight to the point."

She added: "I asked Eugene (Kelly of The Vaselines) if he would be our electric guitarist for this track as he owed me a favour for providing vocals on a song he was recording as part of a multimedia theatrical project.

"At practice, his amp was so quiet we could never quite hear what it was he was playing. The sun shone in the window high up in 45 A Side Recording Studio as he blasted out the solo over our sweet girly 'woo woo woo's'.

"There are elements of this song that I think show our sixties 'girl-group' influence to its best.

"For our album, Say It All With A Kiss. we replicated the opening and named it our Prologue to the rest of the album as a way to reference this original recording that never got released.

"I'm glad it's released now. It was always a live favourite. It was always one of my favourites.

"It's teenage romance when you are in your twenties. Dancing around our feelings and never quite clearly communicating them to each other. Heady stuff."

To mark the five-year anniversary of their official debut album, Say It All With A Kiss, the Glasgow four-piece decided to revisit This Is How It Starts - a collection of recordings that should have been their debut album four years prior.

Easton continues: “Having written and released five albums I can look back at this with different eyes and I think it’s good, it’s energetic, it’s the sound of four friends in a room having fun learning as they go and discovering how they sound together.

"This Is How It Starts is a key part of our journey and story that has been lost and overlooked.

“It's raw and fresh and fun. It's carefree and innocent. It's tentative first singing, sometimes naive lyrics, it's new. It perfectly captures that special point in a band’s time when everything is beginning.”

Bassist/vocalist Sita Pieraccini adds: “It’s great to hear these tracks again and share it with our fans and beyond - I hope it’s fun to hear how a band developed and how you can write your own music, lyrics and tell your own stories.

“This is us having fun as a four-piece and pushing the lyrical element with harmonies and fun twists in musical styles, driven by fun beats and jumping rhythms and a playful attitude.

"The tunes that followed are just as heartfelt with a more developed pop aesthetic. I think we always capture the energy of the band in all our records but this is more intimate, like a live set in your living room.”

This Is How It Starts will be released on Friday, August 13.

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