GIGS are back, festivals are on the horizon and the Scottish Music Scene continues to deliver - we've waited 17 long months for this.

Slowly, but surely, things are returning to normal and we have so much lost time to catch up on.

New music releases over the last year or so have been ridiculous and many of those songs will still be awaiting their live debut. Thankfully, it won't be long now...

In the meantime, it's always worth checking out New Music Friday from Scotland - we're just waiting on the gig announcements now.


Berta Kennedy – Free-Swimming

An incredible new release from the Inverclyde Maverick... an absolute must for the playlists.

One-line review: “A calculated weave of foreboding and expression, laden with spacey rock and alt-pop vibes.”

FFO: Frances Gein, fin, White Novels


Ai & The Parade - Infatuated

A third single from the stylish up-and-coming outfit. One to keep an eye on for 2021.

One-line review: “Velvety smooth with cross-genre appeal – a little something for the dancefloors, the drive home and the summer festival.”

FFO: Vistas, BETA WAVES, Maroon 5


Tom McGuire and the Brassholes – Better

Another on-brand release from Scotland’s premier motherfunkers – too few delivering such a groove.

One-line review: “A joy for an aching soul – a sure-fire cure for the blues.”

FFO: Graham Hanlon & the Solid Bond, Moonstruck


Ciaran Whyte – Lead me Down (from the Title…Uncertain EP)

A varied EP from the Buddy, with standouts in the form of the rockier If I Were You and folkier Lead Me Down.

One-line review: “A toe-tapping buffet of influences: indie, folk, soul and little sprinkling of punk.”

FFO: Billy Mitchell, Dead by Monday


Rachel White – Crush

The Kinross singer is back with an unashamedly pop floor-filler – just in time for those endless club nights.

One-line review: “All the elements of a summer banger: infectious pop-hooks, driving beat and a bit of a feelgood factor.”

FFO: SHEARS, Kirsty Grant, The Roov


Black Star Jackals – Down this Road

The quality single releases keep coming for BSJ with their latest track another string to the bow.

One-line review: “A deft treatise on negative relationships with an emphasis on personal growth and defiant self-awakening.”

FFO: Layaway, Amur, Mason Hill


Nick Morgan – Easier to Sleep When We’re Apart

Turned a few heads with his Scotland NT track Our Moment and delivers with his latest original effort

One-line review: “Epic, raw and fierce. If this is a sign of more to come from Morgan, we are all on board."

FFO: Stevie McCrorie, Aaron Smith, Kyle Falconer


Amy Duncan – A Door is Opening

An intriguing first new release since last year’s album The Hidden World.

One-line review: “Delicate and moving folk-pop with an edge bubbling under the currents.”

FFO: Roma Rose, Karine Polwart, L-Space


KAIT – Manifest

A follow-up on this year’s heart-rending FIVE EP, with a bit of an exciting new feel.

One-line review: “A how-to guide on blending a soulful heart with a head that wants to cut loose.”

FFO: Rachel Jack, Fourth Daughter, Zoe Graham, Brooke Combe


The Roly Mo – I Miss the Dancing

A perfect time to release this – making us all eager for the near future again.

One-line review: “If ever there was a tune that encapsulates what we’re all thinking… and, of course, it’s easy to get up and dance to.”

FFO: Retro Video Club, The Dunts, Tonto,


Lavender Lane - Blame

A new band for us all to discover – and with a Tut’s headline show on the horizon, now is certainly the time to do just that.

One-line review: “Open and honest lyrics… a track that looks back on the past to embrace a lesson well learned.”

FFO: Indoor Foxes, JULIA


Lung Glass – All I Am (Impact.Injury.Recovery EP)

A little bit of metal never goes down wrong – so why not sludge tight into Lung Glass’ EP?

One-line review: “A sickening bruiser of a track, driven by a chunky galloping riff.”

FFO: Arc Arrival, Nocturne Wulf, Tremonti


Broken Chanter  Extinction Event Souvenir T-Shirt

An announcement of a second Broken Chanter album for October should be most welcome to all. Especially if this new single is anything to go by.

One-line review: “A caustic indictment of humanity’s seemingly eager ability to facilitate its own inevitable downfall.”

FFO: Man of Moon, Mt Doubt, Constant Follower, Kid Canaveral


Bliss – I Can’t Sleep at Night

Granite City pop-mongers are back with a flurry – more of the same please, lads.

One-line review: “A track to cut some rug to... the soundtrack to the summer nights out."

FFO: Vistas, Dancing on Tables, DaytimeTV