GLASGOW trio Jill Lorean are issuing a call for personal reflection as they release their debut album this spring.

Following up on the 2020 EP Not Your First is the first full-length LP, titled This Rock.

The three-piece – comprised of Jill O'Sullivan, Andy Monaghan and Peter Kelly – hope to spread a message of calm when they release the ten-track effort on April 1.

With the pace of the world at its peak, and showing no signs of slowing down, the simple message from the Jill Lorean record is to stop and take a little time to enjoy the beauty of the world all around.

Amid the crawling expanse of urbanisation, it can be hard to find the time to unwind, frontwoman O'Sullivan finds.

She says: "It's quite simply a desire to spend more time in nature and appreciate how amazing it is.

"I grew up in a concrete jungle, Chicago is so urban. And even Glasgow with all the big tenements, there's not many trees.

"So, in a way, I'm trying to imagine something a little bit different. Like, stop and look at the flowers – stop and reflect.

"It all comes back to effectively talking about motherhood, memory, human nature and grief, to some degree.

"And This Rock, it's slightly this tongue in cheek idea of this kind of music, but also, the rock we live on, quite simply this rock."

Jill Lorean call upon a range of influences to create something a bold and refreshing – something sorely need at times in the music industry.

"I like to feel surprised," O'Sullivan adds. "I want people listening to it to feel alive and awake.

"A lot of music feels a bit stale and gentle... now you can say: 'Alexa, I would like some exercise music' or: 'I'm in a sad mood, play me sad-mood music'. And I feel like, I just want to shake Alexa and be like: 'Alexa, f*** off'.

"I just want people to listen to the music and feel a little bit stirred or slightly disturbed by it."