IT'S fair to say it was worth the wait. A major Dead Sea Souls headliner was always on the cards as the quartet reformed after their hiatus.

Years had passed. Their fanbase had dispersed. The band members had matured. Indeed, the music scene had become unrecognisable. How would they fare? 

Well, from the moment the West Lothian trailblazers returned to the stage - everything seemed to click into place. The Dead Sea Souls were truly back.

The hundreds who packed into Òran Mór got what they bargained for.

It was set littered with classics and punctuated with new material. Trendsetter, Rats, I Go Where You Go, Raincoat, Two Houses and Danny Bell -- all hitting the spot. 

It had been a long-time coming, but there was an energy in the room: one borne only when anticipation is met by satisfaction.

And with the incredible talent of SILVI opening, it is not an evening soon forgotten by those who made it along.