ON THE prospect of performing at TRNSMT, Luke La Volpe has been playing the waiting game.

As a youngster, the singer had longed harboured the hopes of playing T in the Park. With its demise, the summer festival at Glasgow Green has risen as its equivalent, and those ambitions to play for the thousands of music fans that attend is just as strong.

Lockdown may well have delayed his efforts to join the billing, but the news came in for the 2021 festival that he was set to play. Then his band were struck down with Covid themselves and the wait continued.

However, in just a few short weeks, he gets his chance. Luke La Volpe is set to finally play the King Tut’s Stage on TRNSMT Friday.

He says: “It had been a dream of mine since I was a young boy to play T in the Park, and TRNSMT is the new T in the Park. But to have that chance, and to then see it taken away, it’s just been this huge build-up of emotions.

“When it does happen, it’ll be some release – finally, I’ll be able to say that I’ve played it. It’s going to be a big moment for me.”

The wait has been a frustrating one for the Bathgate man, but the time between has given him the chance to release more new music.

Earlier this month, he unveiled Freakwave the first single from his upcoming Lifelines EP, with new tracks to be rolled out on the first week of June and then again in July.

The singer took a more intimate approach to the recording, opting for piano and mood. But he insists the tunes have a full-band life of their own waiting to get out.

He adds: “The wait has given me the year to take a step back and think about what direction I want to take with my music. I’ve put this new EP together and it’s going to be totally different.

“We had a great set ready for TRNSMT last year, but this year’s is bolstered by the new material. We stripped it back for the recording, but when people hear them live, they will be proper steroid-versions of those songs.”

Catch Luke La Volpe at TRNSMT on Friday, July 8. Tickets are available online now.