HISTORY has been beckoning for Connor Fyfe ever since he first emerged in the Scottish music scene.

He released his debut album at just 13 and has played shows all over the country. The Lanarkshire singer is also the youngest to ever sell out King Tut's – a feat accomplished in just 24 hours – and will be the youngest performer to have played TRNSMT when he takes to the stage later this year.

It will be yet another milestone ticked off for Fyfe, but it certainly won't be the last time the youngster performs on the biggest stages.

He tells The Weekender: "I remember being at TRNSMT in 2019 and it was great. Once I had been, I just thought it would be class to play there one day. It's not that I was visualising myself there, I just knew I would work until I got there.

"But it's a good feeling, no matter the age, to be asked to play a festival of that magnitude. A lot of my friends from school will be coming through to see me play. I'll have a lot of support there.

"I actually had my ticket bought before I was asked. I wasn't able to go last year, but the River Stage looks cool. I'm buzzing to play it."

Fyfe is one of the best young prospects in the UK, but the Bellshill teenager feels there are waves of prodigious artists coming through in Scotland at the minute.

He adds: "To be fair, Scotland does have, to my mind, the best music scene out there right now. Every band coming up from Glasgow or West Lothian are just massive.

"And there are a lot of young artists who are coming up at the minute. It's good for people to see there is a future scene there."

Fyfe released his debut album while the world had been on the precipice of the first coronavirus lockdown. As such, he was unable to tour the album – titled Don't – to the extent he would have wanted.

Nevertheless, he tried to make up for lost time and was able to play a handful of Scottish shows, including a sell-out at King Tut's.

But the teen feels TRNSMT will offer an opportunity to showcase his record, before he begins work on a follow-up.

He says: "I put out my debut album on the 13th of March, 2020, and cursed the lockdown a wee bit. I was supposed to tour for it, but couldn't. When it was a bit more calm, we announced King Tut's, for my birthday, and that sold out in a day. Then Dundee, Church, and Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

"But we never really got the chance to tour the album that much. TRNSMT will be a full-band show, but I think there will be a lot of people looking to hear the tunes from the first album, because many won't have had the chance yet.

"And we've got Pray and Should Know Better - they always get a good reception. And there is Truth Be Told; it's just mental to hear that being sung back at me, louder than I sing.

"Maybe there will be a surprise in there as well. A wee cover never hurt anyone."

Connor Fyfe will play the River Stage on Sunday, July 10. Tickets for TRNSMT are available online now.