AMY PAPIRANSKY knows the value of an education. If there are lessons to be learned, she will take everything on board. Not a drop of knowledge left behind.

And, so, when the opportunity came to learn from KT Tunstall, she was straight back to the classroom.

Experience is, of course, the greatest teacher and few are as equipped to pass down pearls than the mighty Tunstall – an artist who has proved her dedication to helping the next generation of performers.

As the lockdown period came in, Papiranksy took a chance and reached out to the Fife-born star and was shocked to find herself on a path to an incredible apprenticeship.

"KT Tunstall is my biggest hero," the singer tells The Weekender. "I messaged her through lockdown and she got back to me. She said she listened to my album and really liked my sound. Being from Scotland as well, I think she sees a little bit of herself in me.

"She put me in touch with her manager and they've been helping me out with things going forward. They've just been supporting me in any way they can.

"She asked me to play with her at PJs in Dunfermline and took me on stage and we sang together. That was just really cool – I'm a bit of a fan, in case no one can tell."

Papiranksy has been slowly developing her sound over the last few years. She released her debut album Read Me Write in 2019 before following up with Dear Amy and Summertime Blues in 2021.

And with the world beginning to turn again once more, the Keith-bred singer is working away on album number, likely to be due out next year.

"I've got a bunch of new songs," she says. "We're dying to get that recorded and we'll see where we go from there. I've got two singles due out between now and the end of the year as well.

She adds: "I love so many different styles, so they all come together without me really thinking about it. Not one particular style, just a bit of a mishmash of those influences.

"I think there will always be space for the chilled-out folky vibe with a bit of indie in there as well."

Papiransky is scheduled to play Killin Music Festival, which takes place between June 17-19. The bill features the likes of Manran, Skerryvore, Karen Matheson, Heisk, Red Hearted Vibrations, Man of the Minch, Cammy Barnes, Cody Feechan and more.

Papiransky adds: "Looking forward to Fallin, which of course was supposed to be in 2020 before being cancelled. I've never been but I know it'll really cool. A nice friendly audience as well, I'm sure. Can't wait for that.

"We've got a lot going on this summer; it'll be a busy June for sure. And there will be a few other things this year as well."

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